My heartfelt thanks 

extends to all those who have helped me in the making, both directly and indirectly. I am especially indebted to

Alan Hauk, Faculty of Medicine, Toho University who generously proofread and offered his astute insights into part of the text and valuable advice on language use, while any errors are solely mine,

Tateyama City Municipal Museum who have kindly let me use the images from their precious collection, and last but not least, with my sincerest gratitude, below is the texts I referenced in translating:

国立国会図書館デジタルコレクション「南総里見八犬伝」(National Diet Library Digital Collections)

ふみくら『南總里見八犬傳』本文テキストデータ (Fumikura Nansoh Satomi Hakkenden text data)

There have also been those who read parts of text and commented, offered some useful information regarding language translation, or gave me words of encouragement. I intend to repay them by updating as constantly as I can.

Let me add a word of gratitude to The Association for the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Armor (一般社団法人 日本甲冑武具研究保存会) for generously offering me their expertise knowledge on Juoh-gashira in Episode 5-2. – added on 14/07/2016

Another very powerful cooperator was Bangetutei, the very talented brother and sister duo who create and perform Japanese music. The big brother Yoshitate Kyounosuke sings whilst his sister Ayabe Fuyu writes lyrics. They very kindly granted permission to display their video clip of a song ‘Yoshitsune Senbon-zakura’ in Episode 5-2. The post now not just looks cool but sounds brilliant too. Thanks millions! – added on 27/05/2017