Samurai on campaign – who carries his toothbrush?

So sorry to keep you waiting. I expect to upload the next episode shortly.

Some of the descriptions of the armour and weaponry takes me aeons. It’s been tremendously interesting and enjoyable to learn though, and I’m hoping it’s helped me make the story more exciting. Did you know that samurai on campaign carried most of his supplies? That includes rations, clothing, grooming kit and bedding on top of all the weapons.

On another note, when I read Bakin’s descriptions of Yoshizane, I often get the feeling that he may be Bakin’s ideal samurai and son, who he ended up losing to illness.

Regrettably these blogs are becoming a regular feature of this blog now, though every month I’m hopeful that maybe this time I can catch the deadline. Such an optimist I am, and I still hope that the next post will be worth your wait and be entertaining enough for you.

Finally, as always, thank you all so much for your patience and support!


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