Japanese Translation Contest – Should I?


I make a rule of visiting the blog that left a like or started following my blog, actually reading a whole article whenever possible (I’m a slow reader in either of my languages) before returning a like.

As for following blogs, until recently I’d only choose those which I can at least pick and read occasional articles or got me genuinely interested, but now, I’m beginning to understand ‘hollow follows’ are a standard method to boost the number of visitors so the blog looks hot, and therefore have decided to turn a blind eye to my own sincerity and follow suit, that is, follow back if anyone follows me.

One of the recent visitors was this blog called Self Taught Japanese, and it advertised a Japanese translation contest. I got curious.

Currently I’m enquiring about a few technicalities, and if and when that’s cleared, I might have a go – just might.


Turning Japanese/The Vapors

Couldn’t find an official channel but this is the band’s official video. One of the comments says ‘Turning Japanese… an anime fans *** dream’.

Another says this song could be racist but I don’t believe so and that’s why it’s here. No offense intended.

2 thoughts on “Japanese Translation Contest – Should I?

  1. I say go for it! I don’t know any Japanese, let alone that I’d have read the novel, but I’m really enjoying your translation of Hakkenden so far.


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