I watched Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable


I know it’s supposed to be cool to criticize a film made out of your favourite book, manga or novel, and some fans are totally against it, but this one was actually good! I also like Transformers and remember how the first in the series was almost p*ked on when it came out but I was like why not? If you expected Wuthering Heights you simply came to the wrong cinema. It’s just kids’ entertainment where you’re allowed to be a kid again so enjoy it while you can, wherever and however.

Anyhow, the film. It’s great to actually see what you’ve read in manga countless times, totally absorbed and trying to be there. I used to sooooo want to live in Morio-cho. My favourite scene by far is where Bad Company appears. Bad Company is Nijimura Keicho’s stand and is actually a whole army albeit tiny in size. The bit I liked is that those soldiers looked more like figurines than humans, just like in the original. They were all moving and fighting while keeping in perfect ranks, just like in the original. Cool.

OK the actor who played Josuke was sort of stiff I admit, especially at the beginning. Actually the biggest reason I hesitated to watch the film was he looked too ‘pretty’ in the poster. However, he started to look like Josuke himself towards the end. Yukako was really the girl personified in the looks. While also a bit stiff in acting, she’s supposed to be a little off so who cares. These actors are still very young. I’m pretty sure the acting will improve in time for the sequence.

All in all, I’m satisfied to see the stands in real life (well, almost). I’m definitely going to watch it a few more times, and am looking forward to the next in the series.


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