Turning Japanese Revised – Kirsten Dunst


I pasted a music video of ‘Turning Japanese’ done by the band the Vapors in one of my recent posts. Then a good friend of mine told me of a modern and even more fun performance of the song: Kirsten Dunst’s version:

It’s true the Vapors’ version has some widely misconceived images of the Japanese, which, unfortunately tabloids and even some serious press love to advertise (it sells more and makes the reader feel superior!), but it never bothered me as I’ve always been able to easily ignore them. My understanding was they were some background noises, or technical hitches very hard to avoid in real life. They may even be just the band’s declaration that they will laugh at everything, including themselves – I mean talk about a name such as The Vapors?

However, some comments about the video I received from a friend made me re-evaluate my own attitude. So here it is, a better, improved version of the song and of me.

To me, this is the moment  when I deeply appreciate friendship. If they point out my errors and tell me to change, they’re doing it solely for my sake, in the full awareness of the fact that doing so might make themselves look bad, at least temporarily. In other words, these friends care more for me and my well-being than  for their own popularity. You can’t be more thankful than that. Here’s to friendship!

The next story update is scheduled to be on 1st May 2018. Episode 8 is somewhat short but I’ll have to chop it in half. To be honest I’m keeping my fingers crossed so I can be on time!!


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