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Once upon a time, I saw ‘The Lord of the Rings’,  a Hollywood film based on Tolkien’s classic. It was a huge success at the time. That’s when I finally read the 3 volume book all my friends had read and loved. My attention span has always been erratic for books with lots of words but my word it was a brilliant experience. It reminded me of the excitement as I encoutered Bakin’s Edo-period epic samurai fantasy ‘Nansou Satomi Hakken-den‘ as a child. Then It occurred to me.

Wouldn’t that make a film as exciting, engaging and entertaining? It would certainly appeal to a similar, expansive audience East and West?

I started writing my first drafts of Episode I, though I wasn’t too sure if it was out of my depth. During that period however, my life was being thrown topsy-turvy, and the project had to wait until a stable environment allowed me to sustain my focus. Which brings me now.

It’s been quite an adventure for me to translate a literature classic and working with different people and organizations. I sincerely hope more exciting stories will unfold, not just for me but for you, the reader, as more and more of the Legend of the Eight Samurai Hounds is revealed, for the first time, to the world outside Japan.

Your support in the form of reading, liking, commenting, following this website (tab on the right), the official FB page, Tweets, and Pinterest board would be hugely appreciated (and I usually do a little jig), more than I can express in this limited space, so thank you.


Contact me at: Livingdaylightzz@gmail.com

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