Will a writers’ conference be a good idea?

Dear Agony Aunt or Ancle, no, Uncle,

Have you ever participated a writers’ conference?

I’ve been entertaining the idea of doing so for some time and I’m hopeful that finally I probably can some time this year or next. However, I have no idea which one would be the best fit in helping me publish the work (OK, it has already been published here but I mean to make it into a book form).

Would anyone be able to help me with ideas or suggestions as to which conference I should go to, or how I should be choosing?


The well in Bakin’s home as photographed in modern days. The source: a Wikipeadia page


From what I’ve gathered so far, it’s crucial to approach the right kind of publishers, or more agents nowadays, for your work. I’ve also learnt that,  at the same time, it’s not easy for outsiders to find out which ones are the best kind, or in fact, it’s not easy to find a list of agents to choose from at all, hence, and so a vicious circle begins and never ends.

If you join one of these conferences maybe there’s more chance of approaching the right kind of people would you say? I don’t know. At least I’ll get to travel a little.

It seems important then how would you describe this work? Well that’ll be another question I’d like to leave for another week and get on with my translation. For now, if you have any input at all it’d be greatly appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Will a writers’ conference be a good idea?

  1. It depends on what kind of person you are. Would you be able to take advantage of a conference by getting to know the right people? Do you have a pitch? A synopsis? An exposée? If you have never published before, I think it would be more advisable for you to approach scholars from Asian literature departments at universities – throughout the world. THEY know the right publishers and they even might be able to connect you.
    Personally, I would like to acquire the rights to translate your English version to German. And I would like to make it more a ‘retelling’ than a critical, i. e. rather academic edition. That also helps with the not-so-great opening, because I would, somehow like you, make it great. Actually, I have already done it in German. I blend your version with the story told in the different animées, especially the excellent work by OVA from 1990, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hakkenden. That’s very helpful! As I am an author an publisher myself, I maybe can help you with the first steps towards a publication of your great work.


    • Hi Regi, thanks for the generous comments as always! When I read this at the weekend I was like, someone might be buying the rights to my work? Do I feel rather flattered or what. I actually have lots of ideas on this some of which I was going to talk about in my next blog post after the update of the story. Well, let me get back to you on this again later!


    • I’m back! I’d appreciate very much if you could help me as you kindly offered. I’ve tried to get in touch with you at your email address that appears next to the comment box in the admin page, but did you get any messages?
      What’s an exposée? I have a ‘pitch’ or know what I want to do and where I want to go with this. I’ve actually got several ideas though they need to be discussed and refined.


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