Thank you and the best wishes for the coming year!

This year has been busier yet than the one before. While I admit I regret not having been able to update as regularly as before, I am filled with hopes that it will come gradually to that I will be able to in the coming year. I have been working and will continue to work to make that happen. My determination hasn’t waned a bit.

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Finally, updated the menu to improve the ease of navigation. Should be able to reach each post in chronological order from Episode 1 using the dropdown menu at the top.  The navigation page has also been renewed and is linked to all the episodes posted so far. If you find anything missing or out of place tell me either in the comment or by emailing me at livingdaylightzz(a) (replace (a) with @). Thanks!


So sorry to keep you waiting! Just a few more days till I can post the next part. Some of the descriptions of the armour and weaponry took me aeons. It was tremendously interesting and enjoyable to learn though, and I’m hoping it’s helped me make the story more exciting. Did you know that samurai on campaign carried most of his supplies? That includes rations, clothing, glooming kit and bedding on top of all the weapons.

On another note, when I read Bakin’s descriptions of Yoshizane, I often get the feeling that he may be Bakin’s ideal samurai and son, who he ended up losing to illness.

Regrettably notice is becoming a regular feature of this blog now, though every month I’m hopeful maybe this time I can catch the deadline. Such an optimist I am, and I still hope that the next post will be worth your wait and be entertaining enough for you.

Finally, as always, thank you all so much for your patience and support!


(>_<) So it’s going to be late again this month… with much regret. I’m hoping to post it this weekend. Here’s a sneak preview,


Episode V

Good captain declines intrigues and enlistees learn benevolence

Carrier pigeons deliver a message and the traitors offer a head


The emissary Yamashita Sakuza’emon-no-Joe Sadakane had sent to Maro and Anzai was now back to Takita.

“Those fellows didn’t explicitly say they would capitulate but were terribly intimidateted. There is no doubt that before long both of them will pay a visit by themselves to repent his sins and be your highness’s subject. Their poor state was such and such, this way and that way.”


Cheerio till then.


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