Greetings, World. Greetings, Farore Islands

First let me establish the fact that my geography knowledge is best described to be negligent.  Mum thinks I missed my education somewhere.

Well I might venture that it’s not really fair when she can and does win the top prize in the village quiz event by picking the correct coat of arms of some very obscure (to me) town but I won’t, as it really is a futile argument. Let me just declare that my geography knowledge stopped developing at a rather tender age.

Now a couple or so weeks ago, I noted someone from an unfamiliar place name visiting my blog. It had a very cool flag, looking a bit like Saint George’s Cross in its colour schemes and design. I became curious, and this is what I found out.

It’s an island nation called Farore Islands (linked to a Wiki page), with its own government and the Danish monarch, set in the sea between Iceland and Norway. The people are of ethnic Norse and Celtic decent, whose mythology has deep relationship with European fantasy writing. Interesting.


Tyr / Regin Smidur      Hope this is not ripping any profit off the band or anything – if it’s inappropriate please don’t hesitate to inform me. The music’s accompanied by a clip of cool battle reenactment.


The next upload, which should have happened about a week ago, is only being delayed not cancelled as it was announced in the official Facebook page. Look forward to the two pieces of original artworks by two different artists!! One of the artists of course is Pan Jama Lammy who did the illustration for Episode 6-2. The other is a new artist who’s working for us for the first time. Currently, they create only for creative joy but not for financial rewards so if and when you see their works, please comment for their sake if you’ve enjoyed it and have an extra moment (and courage). Thanks so much!



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