Writer’s craft and penmanship – in Bakin’s case

Bakin is a marvelous writer. I must admit I didn’t realize the full  length of this fact until I got down to translating his work.

Someone said in my Facebook Page his Hakkenden story was deemed one of the top novels in the world by Lord Chamberlain, or something to that effect. I reserved my opinions at the time. Now I’m in awe.

In this coming installment, Tamazusa says something very curious.

“Indeed I’m sinned I presume.”

First she says ‘indeed’, which indicates her awareness of her own sins and of her submissive repentance, but immediately mitigates the effect by ending the sentence with ‘I presume’, which throws sympathetic listeners into the state of doubt.

It is not surprising if men may somewhat lose power of judgment while listening to her manipulate words this way with the intelligence hidden behind her beauty.

There’s some other awe-inspiring stuff  if you dig a lot deeper in this episode but for now, I’ll wait until you read it.

The next upload is scheduled in a couple of days. See you in a bit!


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