Felicitating Fifty Followers

Although it may seem a small step to those famous and successful blogs with thousands of followers, reaching 50 followers last week was a big feat for me! So, a big thank you to all of you and anyone else passing by. \(^O^)/

Recently I’ve been to a Yabusame (Japanese horseback archery) competition, which was nothing short of amazing, and I’d like to talk about it in a bit, but this is something else I hope you’ll also find amusing.

On the way to Yabusame, because it was early-ish in the morning I took pieces of toast with me to share with a friend who kept me company. Half of the toast had butter spread on it and the other had butter and Marmite.

Now Marmite, as you may know, is spread made of yeast, and is presumably not everyone’s cup of tea. Asked what it was that I had on my piece of toast I explained, and my Japanese friend said,

“Marmite? That sounds like some kind of mineral.”

And it does! All these years it’s never occurred to me like that. For some reason it struck me bizarrely funny I couldn’t stop laughing for a good minute.

The next upload will be in a week’s time. It should conclude Episode 6. Hope you’ll enjoy it!


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